The UK alone produces over 200,000 tons of textile waste a year and most of this ends up in landfills. Also, textiles made with synthetic fabrics will remain in our environment for hundreds of years, polluting and releasing toxic chemicals and micro plastics. 

Textile waste and pollution is a huge problem that we are committed to help tackle in every way we can. Part of that commitment is making organic, non-toxic and plastic-free clothes, and taking responsibility for the lifecycle of our clothes.

Since our garments are designed for circularity, they can easily be fully recycled. So when you think you are done with your The QT garments, please, allow them to continue to serve their purpose and DON'T THROW THEM AWAY!


Pretty much anything worn or torn can be repaired to perfection! We have partnered with the Alteration Yard so that when you bring your The QT garments to them for repairing, they will be repaired with the same soft and gorgeous 100% GOTS organic cotton fabrics that the garments were originally made with.


There are many ways to alter and repurpose garments with the help of a service like the Alteration Yard. For example, if you have a pair of The QT long bottoms with ruined knees, they can either be repaired with new knee patches or repurposed into gorgeous, unisex, organic shorts. You can turn long sleeve tops or jackets into short sleeve tops or vest, or have them altered to a bigger or a smaller size - the possibilities are endless!

If repairing or repurposing is not an option for you... 


You can recycle your The QT garments with us and get a discount voucher for 20% off a future purchase. If you cannot make it to the Alteration Yard, simply send your unwanted The QT garments to:

The Alteration Yard
31 The Friary Centre
United Kingdom

Make sure to include a note saying that you wish to recycle the garments along with an email address that we can send your voucher code to. We recommend using the website as they offer the best prices.

What condition does the garment have to be in?
We will accept used The QT garments in any condition.

What do you do with the used garments?
Garments in good condition will be repaired and donated and garments that are not wearable will be recycled with local environmentally responsible textile recycling programmes.