REpair, REpurpose & REcycle The QT

Our garments are designed for circularity (i.e. they can easily be fully recycled) and made with the intention of having a much longer life span than average (i.e. unisex styles, premium heavy jersey fabrics, elongated cuffs, knee-patch bottoms), while also being people, planet and animal friendly.

While we are very proud of our sustainably cute apparel, you have probably heard that the most sustainable garments are the ones you already have. It's just a bit more tricky when we talk about kids' clothes because kids tend to stain, damage and outgrown their clothes more frequently and quickly.

Part of our commitment to sustainable practices is taking responsibility for the lifecycle of our clothes and keeping our clothes out of landfills and in circulation for as long as possible. Please, learn how you can RE-QT your The QT garments and allow them to continue to serve their purpose by repairing, repurposing or recycling through our take back programme.